Metal Stamping

We have 15 presses to use for metal stamping, our main line of work.

9 automatic lines with 63, 100 and 160 tonne presses.

And feed width ranging from 4 mm to 600 mm in a thickness from 0.4 mm to 5 mm.

6 presses of 63 and 160 tonnes for manual jobs.

We can adapt to manufacturing large or small series.

Machinery list:

  1. Prensa Delteco 160TM
  2. Prensa Delteco 160TM
  3. Prensa ABM 160TM
  4. Prensa Delteco 100TM
  5. Prensa Delteco 100TM
  6. Prensa Delteco 100TM
  7. Prensa Sangiacomo 100TM
  8. Prensa Mitesa 100TM
  9. Prensa Goiti 100TM
  10. Prensa Delteco 63TM
  11. Prensa ABM 63TM
  12. Prensa Mitesa 63TM
  13. Prensa Goiti 63TM
  14. Prensa Arisa 63TM
  15. Prensa Arisa 60TM

Metal Stamping:

The metal stamping process involves physically shaping a piece of metal by placing it between two presses that give it the desired shape using the pressure exerted by the machine.

The main cold stamping operations are:

  • Die-cutting: punching (making holes), cutting (separating pieces of a sheet) or striking.
  • Embossing: making hollow forms from a flat sheet of metal.
  • Shaping by bending between matrices: curving, folding or rolling.